Advantages and Disadvantages of Doubling After Splitting in Blackjack

In blackjack, the objective is to get a higher score than the dealer. A player who busts will lose. This is true whether or not the dealer also busts. Generally speaking, the dealer favors a blackjack. However, there are situations where the dealer can lose to one of the players. Here are some examples.

Basic strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is an important part of the game of blackjack. This strategy helps you take the best action in each hand. For instance, if you have two 10s, you might want to double on both of them, as this is the most advantageous action to take. If you have an even pair in your hand, you should split instead of doubling on both cards.


Blackjack insurance is a side bet that a player makes on the dealer’s hole card. While it may sound like a great idea, in most cases, this bet is not a smart decision. It’s a sucker bet, and should not be made by smart players.

Doubling after splitting

Doubling after splitting in blackjack is a strategy that can boost your winnings. In particular, it’s beneficial when your initial two cards aren’t higher than a pair. However, this strategy does come with some disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of doubling after splitting in blackjack.

Hit versus stand

In blackjack, the decision to hit or stand is crucial to the success of the game. Typically, players indicate whether they want to hit or stand with a verbal indication, or by tapping the table with their hand or by waving it horizontally. However, there are instances when players are forced to make a stand if they have a blackjack hand against a dealer’s ace. This is a rare occurrence. In these situations, players should try to avoid busting. In addition, players should look into blackjack insurance. Although it protects the bankroll, many experienced players advise against it.

Do not take even money

One strategy that skeptics of gambling recommend is not taking insurance when playing blackjack. Insuring a hand is the easiest way to guarantee a win, but it costs you nearly 4% of the win over time. Instead, consider using the even money option instead.


Surrendering is a great strategy when you have a bad hand. While it is often associated with weakness, in reality it can be a strategic move that can help you manage your bankroll. In blackjack, surrendering is a popular move when your starting hand is weak and you don’t have a good chance of beating the dealer.

Insurance bet

The Insurance bet is a very popular option in many casinos. Not everyone understands its benefits, but it is a common choice for players who want to reduce their risk of losing. It can also be advantageous for card counters. During the game, the dealer will ask you whether you want to make an insurance bet. If you choose to do so, you will have to place half of your original bet on insurance.