How Dominoes Are Used in Art and Architecture


Dominoes are a type of flat rectangular block that features two groups of spots on one side and is blank or smooth on the other. They come in sets of 28 and are used for playing various games, including block building, scoring, and drawing, as well as for art and architecture.

Dominos have also been used to create a chain reaction that can result in dramatic events. For example, during the Cold War, the United States used domino theory to justify its interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean. The idea is that one small trigger can cause a sequence of events to continue, and if left unchecked, lead to a larger crisis. This has been referred to as the “domino effect.”

The word domino comes from the Latin for “flip.” A domino is actually a double-sided tile, and its identifying mark is a line or ridge in the middle that divides it visually into two squares, each bearing one to six dots or pips. A domino’s value is determined by the number of pips it bears on either side, and it is sometimes referred to as its rank or weight. In its earlier sense, the word “domino” referred to a long hooded cloak worn together with a mask at a carnival or masquerade, and it also may refer to the priest’s black domino contrasting with his white surplice.

While many people play dominoes for fun and recreation, others use them to create complex structures like lines, curved lines, grids that form pictures, stacked walls, or even 3D towers. These creations are called domino art, and they can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

In order to make an effective domino art piece, it’s important to start with a plan. Hevesh often makes test versions of each section of her design before putting it all together. She then films the tests in slow motion, allowing her to see exactly what goes wrong and make adjustments accordingly.

Another way the domino principle is applied to life is through the practice of goal setting. For example, some people set out to lose a certain amount of weight by making a commitment to exercise more and cut out junk food. As a result, they often find that their overall eating habits improve as a natural side effect of the new healthy lifestyle. This is known as the domino effect, and it’s a great tool for motivating people to achieve their goals.

Whether you use it to plot out a novel by hand or follow a strict outline, the domino principle can help you build a more engaging story for your readers. Whether it’s a story of a political intrigue or the suspenseful ending to a book, the key to a compelling story is to create a dynamic sequence of action that starts with one small change and causes a series of reactions, just as it does with dominoes.