MMA Betting – How to Handicapping MMA Fights

Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It has surpassed boxing as the most popular form of combat sport and is now seen in major sports stadiums all over the world. While betting on MMA fights is legal in many countries, it requires careful research and bankroll management. Those looking to bet on MMA fights should make sure that they find a trustworthy and reliable sportsbook and learn about the different types of wagers.

A bet on a fighter to win by a certain method of victory is a simple and easy way to place a wager on an upcoming fight. It can be placed online or at a traditional sportsbook. In either case, the odds for this type of bet are typically quite low and offer good value if you are able to predict the outcome correctly. The most common method of winning is a submission, but the judges may also award points for significant striking or dominance. It is important to understand the rules and styles of each fighter when placing a bet on this type of wager.

Another important factor to consider when placing a bet on an MMA fight is the history of both fighters. Take into account the style of opponents they have faced in the past, as well as their overall records and KO streaks. This will help you determine the strength of their current opponents and how likely they are to win a specific fight.

Besides analyzing the history of a fighter, you should check the matchup against their opponent and the number of rounds scheduled for the fight. This will help you place a better Over/Under total for the fight. In addition, you should look at the fighters’ training partners to see how they are preparing for this particular fight. For instance, a fighter who has a lot of grappling-based opponents may have a better chance of landing a takedown in the ring.

When handicapping a fighter, you should also consider their age. Younger fighters tend to have more success in MMA than their older counterparts. In fact, fighters who are five years younger have won 61% of the time against opponents of similar ages. This makes it a great idea to back the younger fighter in a particular matchup.

Moreover, you should always verify your bets before and after placing them. This is because mistakes do happen. Whether you’re placing a bet in person or on an MMA betting site, you should check that the amount is correct and that it is for the right event. You should also check the odds and vig percentage to ensure that your bets are accurate. This will help you maximize your profits and minimize your losses. If you do not verify your bets, you may lose a large amount of money.